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Hello, my name is Aleksandra Mierzwa. I',m helping those, who do not find pleasure in preparation and organisation, who do not know how to start or, just simply, do not have time.

You dream of a rest, longer vacation or a short weekend trip. At your own pace, taking into account your small pleasures and interests. More time for coffee in the most hidden cafes? A round trip around the Cyclades and not for the two most famous islands? Or maybe you love books and would love to go where you can visit a beautiful library or walk the bookstore trail? See a wonderful garden or a show at a local theater or… a musical in London? Or maybe you love sports and want to combine a game with sightseeing?

There are endless possibilities and ideas for diversifying your trip and adjusting them to yourself. However, it takes a lot of time, sitting at the computer, translating pages and simply energy. And now, in addition, you need to check the changing entry rules on an ongoing basis.

The search for ideas can be pleasant, but after a long and hard day at work, it stops to be. You eventually give up even a short city break or decide to go on a group trip, postponing your individual ideas for later.

But… it doesn’t have to be that way. You can go on your imaginary vacation without the hassle of organizing it!

0You will receive full Travel Support.

I will help with the idea, taking into account your preferences, current possibilities and transport connections.

Transport suggestions, pick-up from the airport, travel between destinations, if that’s what you’re waiting for. Accommodation offers, a cost estimate, a framework plan, a mini-guide with interesting and unusual places, as well as help with reservations or purchase of tickets. It is all included in the package that you will receive by e-mail and by post.

I focus on Europe (and my home country, Poland). 


przykładowE pomysły wyjazdowe

Circuit trip on Cyclades

The Cyclades are becoming more and more accessible due to the increase in flights from regional airports. But you don’t have to stop only in Santorini or Mykonos (though you can, if you prefer!). It’s easy to get to other, beautiful, less known islands, you just need to fit the ferries well. I will be happy to help you with that.

Croatia a bit differently

Probably everyone knows Croatia and almost everyone likes it. But Croatia is not only Split and Dubrovnik and the sea organs in Zadar. Croatia is also more and less known islands, ferries, lighthouses, konoba and lavender festival. I am happy to share the secrets I learned during my studies in Croatian and Serbian philology.

Atmospheric Edinburgh and books

I have the impression that when planning city trips, one often forgets about Edinburgh. This is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, with a unique atmosphere. After seeing the most important monuments, I invite you to visit the bookstore trail, there are over 50 of them!

Around Balkans

Have you been to Croatia and now want to see something less known? Montenegro, Bosnia, and with good organization, it will also be possible to visit Serbia. A more peaceful rest in Montenegro, or maybe a more active tour of several countries?

How does it work?

I will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire. It will allow me to initially understand what you expect from your vacation and prepare the first ideas.

The survey is available below. Feel free to complete even now 🙂
Within 4 days you will receive an individual offer with details and a pricing.
The price of the Travel Support Package depends on the type of trip and ranges from 250-600 PLN (50-130 EUR/45-120 GBP).
After accepting the offer, I need 5-7 days to create your dream travel plan. You will receive the plan, along with all the useful details, by e-mail and by post.
Have the trip organized easily without the hassle of organizing it!

This survey will help me prepare better for our meeting. This initial stage and its completion and meeting are completely free of charge.

Do you have any additional questions? I will be happy to answer!