November is not my favorite month of the year and I suspect I’m not alone in this.

However, the end of November is also the beginning of the ski jumping season.

I think we’re lucky that these jumping exists, is popular and broadcasted. This broadcast of competitions is an integral part of my homely hygge and autumn / winter time survival kit.

But! The jumping season begins in Poland. Maybe it is worth using this possibility and go to breathe the mountain air and watch the competition live?


The competition in Wisła will take place on November 22-24, 2019.

Friday, November 22 is qualification, starting at 18.

Saturday, 16:00 is a team competition. Sunday, 11:30 an individual competition.

This early hour will make it easier to return home on Sunday.


Ticket prices for qualification range between 20-40 PLN.

For one day of competition the price is 60, 80 or 180 PLN.

Tickets can be bought here.

Currently, tickets are only available for qualification, but it is worth checking this portal or alebilet portal. Ticket traffic and availability often increases before the tournament itself.

How to get

The easiest way to get to Wisła is via Katowice. To Katowice, just as it suits you from your place of residence (From Gdynia, I prefer a train), and change to a train or bus from private carriers leaving the bus station (easy to reach from the train station).

There can be a lot of people waiting for busses, it is worth coming to the place a moment earlier or buying a ticket via the Internet (although this is not always possible).

Examples of bus companies (there are more):

Nice portal to check bus connections here.

The Hill

The competition will take place on the hill Wisla-Malinka, named after Adam Małysz.

The hill was built on the site of an old wooden one, built in 1933. Construction of the new facility began in the winter of 2004, and the first jump on it was given by its patron in September 2008. The first World Cup competitions took place in January 2013 and since then international competitions have been held there every year.

The hill is slightly away from the city. You can reach it on foot, but it’s quite a long walk. There are additional paid buses from the center that will take you almost to the hill.

Wisła, what to do

Wisła is a well-known holiday resort, which attracts crowds of tourists throughout the year.

First of all, there are trails, a nature reserve, a dam in Czarny and the Biała and Czarna Wisełka and the Wisełka stream. It is also a promenade, a spa house, an amphitheater, a city park and a boulevard, as well as an avenue of sport stars.

In the center of the town is the well-known confectionery U Janeczki, which sells very themed cakes:

This year it’s probably not possible, but it may be useful for the future. You can choose Apartments u Małyszów as accommodation. An interesting place.

Such a trip is a good idea for fans of ski jumping and for fans of interesting weekend trips. Trip to the mountain areas is always a good idea. And if you combine it in such an attraction as a ski jumping competition, it’s even better😉