I’ve been to Stockholm twice. During the first trip I just liked it, and with the second one the city advanced quite high in the ranking of my favorite European capitals. Because of location – ‘on the water’, the old town with beautiful streets, lots of atmospheric cafes.

Somehow it turned out that I visited Stockholm twice in winter. I suspect that in the spring and summer it is even more charming. Someday I’ll check it out?

Even if the trip falls on the autumn-winter period, don’t give it up. It’s worth it, very?

How do you get where to sleep and what to eat?

How to get there

Stockholm is easy to reach. In most cases you will probably choose a plane. And most often it will be so-called low cost airlines, and the ticket prices in this case are indeed cheap. 39 PLN (10 Euro) one way, and sometimes in the promotion it will even be cost of two ways. Ryanair flies from Gdańsk, Poznań, Kraków and Modlin, while Wizzair from Gdańsk, Warsaw, Wrocław and Katowice. Gdańsk has probably the biggest number of flights, as many as 4 are planned on some days.

All these planes land at the Stockholm Skavsta airport, which in Stockholm is of course only by name ? Flight from Gdansk takes about 55 minutes, transfer from the airport to the city center an hour and 20 minutes.

There are two ways to get there: through the nearby town of Nyköping and directly from the airport by Flygbussarna buses.

The schedule can be found on their website. It’s also best to buy tickets there, it is cheaper than at driver. The price is 159 kronas, often more expensive than flights. It is worth remembering when planning your trip budget.

What may seem a bit strange is that it is an open ticket, not for exact journey. I began to wonder what if there are a lot of people? Especially since I planned to take the last bus, and I ran to the station straight from the hall from the handball European Championship final match, and I just couldn’t be at the bus stop well in advance. It turned out that in such situations an additional bus was substituted. And it really worked. So without stress, you will arrive.

The airport is also well-connected to other European cities, look for connections mainly on the Ryanair website.

To the Arlanda airport, which is the basic one, you can fly directly by LOT from Warsaw and other standard airlines from different cities.

The Polferries ferry from Gdańsk also goes to Stockholm, or actually the nearby (about an hour away) town of Nynäshamn. Travel time is 18 hours.

Where to sleep

Stockholm is not the cheapest city, but you can really find accommodation at a reasonable price.

I suggest looking at the botels. The name comes from the combination of the words hotel and boat and it means exactly this – hotel / hostel on the boat.

This is a popular form of accommodation in the capital of Sweden. And there are really many botels. In a different hostel standard (so-called dormitory), in private rooms, but with bunk beds, but there will also be private cabins, with a double bed, a bathroom, in a hotel standard. Breakfast is often served, and there is a bar on deck that offers summer views.

I slept in two quite well-known hotels of this type: M / S Birger Jarl and STF Rygerfjord. I think I can recommend them. They are not ‘first freshness’, but they look ok enough and affordable. Both are moored on the island of Södermalm, which is a short walk from the old town.

However, I felt that this is a form of accommodation during a typical weekend trip. After two or three nights you can have enough of this small space in the cabin.

Where to look for them? Typically, on the most famous accommodation portals (I found both on Booking).


Yes, Stockholm is quite an expensive city.

The currency is, of course, the Swedish krona, and one krona is roughly 40 groszy (0.1 Euro).

Coffee is the most affordable. And because there is no trip to Sweden without a few coffee breaks, this is pretty good information. Of course depending on where and what, but it costs around 30-35 crowns.

Food is more expensive, especially in the evening. Best is to take advantage of the Swedish buffet at lunchtime. What does it mean? Many restaurants offer a buffet for lunch: eat as much as you like plus water and coffee. This is an option especially on working days, although you can also find one during the weekend. Such lunch oscillates around 12-130 kronas, although of course it can be and cheaper and more expensive.

In the evening we will pay for one dish from 100 kronas (soup) and above.

I recommend looking at the cafe with the graceful name Fika. A great place for fika (meaning coffee break) and food for a good price.

Fast food and street food are also available in the city.

And public transport? The ticket for 75 minutes is 37 kronas (if you buy earlier, not from a conductor), and 24 hours is 155 kronas.

Next big sport events

My January trip to Stockholm was motivated by the finals of the European Handball Championship.

I haven’t found too many big events planned now. As you may know, the Handball World Championships in 2023 will take place in Poland and Sweden, the finals are probably just planned in Stockholm.

March 22-28, 2021 is the World Figure Skating Championships, and October 17-25, 2020, the Stockholm Open tennis tournament.

Stockholm is always a good idea, also without a championship. Check it out?