If you associate Wednesday with the Champions League, weekend winter lunch with ski jumping, and Sunday with the volleyball league, I can safely say:

Hello, welcome Supporter!

How many times have you been watching a match or competition and you thought, oh, it would be fun to be there?

But then, in the everyday life, you forgot to check where the next tournament will take place, whether the tickets are already there and how to organize this trip.

And you remembered about them only when announcements began to go out in the media and the final squad was announced. Too late again, again the “only” match in front of TV.

The matches watched on TV are interesting and you can watch many sports carefully, but it is the atmosphere of the hall, the stadium and the crowd cheering together that guarantee additional unforgettable emotions.


Hi, it’s Aleksandra. I will help you plan your live sports emotions.

As a supporter and as a volunteer.

In the Blog tab you will find basic information about sports volunteering as well as about future sports events: where, when, where to buy tickets, how to get there.

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Why it's me, who should send it to you?

I am a sports fan “throughout my life”. I remember, like through a fog, when I watched the Seoul Olympics at night with my Dad, and then the final of the football World Cup played in Italy.

Then the interest in other sports appeared, the first live matches, trips to tournaments, and finally volunteering.

As a fan, I participated, among others, in the Olympic Games 2012 in London, several European volleyball finals, ski jumping in Poland and in Planica, the opening match and the wonderful final match of the 2014 World Volleyball World Championship in Poland. Also in the European handball finals in Stockholm and Krakow, the English league football match in London or the Italian volleyball league in Trento. Quite a few 🙂

As a volunteer in several other (or the same, only in a different phase of the tournament, it is worth remembering that you can also do this): for example, as a volunteer coordinator during the group stage of the Volleyball World Championship, a volunteer in the Press Office during European Championship 2017, Team Guide during Handball Qualification Tournament for the Olympic Games, qualifying games, European Championship 2016 or the Nordic World Ski Championships in Finland. This experience helped me to understand the organization of sports events from the inside and makes it easier to organize all trips.

So I really know how to look for new events, how to organize such trips and what it is about sports volunteering. And I will gladly give you these tips 🙂 So that you never miss a good match on TV, and even more- the possibility of participating live. Such memories will stay with you for life!!

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