New year, new plans, new events. 2020 will be a very intense sport year. European Football Championship, shortly after the Olympic Games. Although recruitment for volunteering is already closed for these two events (more precisely, the possibility of application is closed, because recruitment among registered people is still ongoing), there are a few more events that it’s worth to apply for now.

  • UEFA Europa League final, Gdańsk


The match will take place on Wednesday, May 27 in Gdansk. The end of May is the perfect time to visit Tricity. 314 volunteers are planned to help during the game. This is a fairly large number, but I suspect that interest is even greater. Do not hesitate, the application is open until the end of February. Available here and details here.

  • UEFA Champions League final, Istanbul (Turkey)


To be honest, finding an official recruitment announcement is not easy. I remember that last year I was looking for recruitment for the final in Madrid both in English and Spanish, and it also hid somehow.

But if you already have a volunteer account on UEFA portal, look at the bottom of the page to see if there is maybe an active link?

  • Handball Champions League (The Velux EHF), Cologne (Germany)


Here you have to act quickly, because applications are only accepted until February 16th.

The final weekend will as usual be held in Cologne.

I think it will not be easy to get there without knowing German. Still, it’s always worth a try.

Details and application here.

  • European Athletics Championships, Paris 2020 (France)


An event that I wrote about earlier, but it is worth remembering, because applications are still accepted (until February).

And two events that will take place in the following years, but the possibility of application is already open:

  • World Nordic Ski Championships, Oberstdorf 2021 (Germany)


That is ski jumping, cross-country skiing and the Nordic combined.

Link to the application here.

  • Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Beijing 2022 (China)

04-20.02.2020 / 04.03-13.03.2022

Recruitment for the Olympic Games is always a lottery, but without the application there are just zero chances. I will also try?

Apply here.

Do you like any of the options especially? See you at the stadium and halls!