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Or maybe you love sports and would like to combine your travels with cheering or sports volunteering? Great!

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Is sports volunteering for people who work full time?

Who is sports volunteering for? Is it suitable for older people, e.g. working full-time? Weird question? Not at all! I do not count how many times I was asked how I combine my volunteering with a demanding full-time job. Recently also, few people thought I’m still student only because I do this volunteering. It was quite nice, but unfortunately I

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Women’s Handball World Cup, December 2021 – practical information that will help organize the trip

December in Spain? Nice idea, especially with the handball in the background! The Women’s World Handball Championship is held every two years in December, alternating with the European Championship. December 2021 is one of the world competitions, and their finals will take place close to a very popular tourist city. Dates, tickets, groups, match schedule, host cities, halls. You can

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Do I need experience to get into volunteering?

I will not even apply because I don’t have any experience, I will not get it for sure. Sounds familiar? Probably yes, it’s not that rare statement at all. Just doesn’t it sound like a vicious circle? Experience will not come by itself. If you want to get it, then I’m afraid applying is just essential. It may happen that

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