The year 2020 promised to be very interesting in terms of sports. Olympics, Euro, final of the Europa League in Gdansk. For me personally, it was also supposed to be a crazy sports year, as I was to volunteer in all these events. Well, the situation has become ‘a little bit’ complicated.

Due to the virus, some events were simply cancelled, some were postponed, and some decisions are still hanging.

Below you will find a small summary of the biggest events.

Tokyo Olympic Games

Until now, the Games were cancelled only because of the war. Fortunately, this time they were ‘only’ moved. The new date is July 23 – August 8, 2021.

Although, you can already read (unofficial) information that because of the crisis the Games will be delayed even more. I think that preparations have already gone too far, so I believe that if the health situation allows, this event will take place.

The IOC and Japanese organizers have long insisted that the event is likely to take place unchanged. In the second half of March, a plane flew to Greece for Olympic fire. Only to announce the change of date a few days later ? Of course, the fire must now be kept in Japan, and the relay race will take place at a similar time as planned for this year. Many qualifying tournaments have also been moved, e.g. handball at the beginning of January.

UEFA Euro 2020- the European Football Championship

This year, the Euro was to take place in a quite controversial form, in 12 host cities, in 12 different countries (this is a way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the tournament). The event had to be moved and is scheduled to take place on a similar date, which is 11.06-11.07.2021.

There are voices that the formula can be changed, that such accumulated number of trips will not be possible, and some host countries will want to withdraw. These are just rumours for now.

The UEFA Champions League and European League finals

The final of the LM was scheduled for Saturday, May 30 in Istanbul, the finals of the Europa League on Wednesday, May 27 in Gdansk.

Both will not be on time, but the organization has not yet announced a new date. Unofficial information in the media says about 29th (LM) and 26t (LE) of August. An additional problem may be that the games were interrupted at the level of the 1/8 final, so it would be necessary to play more matches.

Europa League banner at Gdansk airport, February

Ski Flying World Championships

Scheduled for March 19-22 in Slovenian Planica, they were moved to December, although this has not yet been officially confirmed.

It would mean that you could go to Planica next season twice.


The tennis tournament scheduled for 29.06-12.07 has been cancelled. Next year one will be counted as the 134th edition and will be held on 28.06-11.07.2021.

Cycling races

Giro d’Italia and Vuelta have been moved to fall, no exact dates yet. The Tour de France while on 29.08-20.09.2020.

Handball Champions League

The women’s finals (Delo EHF Final4) in Budapest were moved to September 5-6. The possibility of playing the quarterfinals in the same place on 3 September is being checked. If this is not possible, the 4 best teams after the group stage will play in the final. If September proves to be a premature date, the federation will try to find the October date.

The men’s finals (Velux EHF Final4) in Cologne were moved to December 28-29. Earlier announcements pointed to the end of August. Four best teams in the group stage will play in the finals (two from each group).

Volleyball Champions League

Earlier, there were talks of postponing, recently cancellation of the Berlin final and the playoff phase was confirmed.

European Student Games (EUG) in Belgrade

Originally scheduled for July 12-25, they were moved to July 14-27, 2021.

European Athletics Championships in Paris

Scheduled for August 26-30, they were cancelled last week. There are no plans to move the event to another date.

Of course, these are not all tournaments that have suffered a virus situation. As for some, the decision has not yet been taken.

Are you missing any sporting events or matches on TV? Me very much?

Let’s hope that we will soon be able to return to the halls and stadiums.